Help! My injury claim was DENIED!

It is not a myth that insurance carriers look for any reason to deny or diminish the value of your claim—whether it be a policy exclusion, physical evidence, prior medical treatment (it may even be unrelated prior medical treatment!) or even the narrative of a Police Report. We have seen it all. To the untrained claimant, a denial seems like the end of the road. However, often times, it is not. Continue reading “Help! My injury claim was DENIED!”

What is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If a personal injury has turned your life upside down, you are now in the process of learning exactly how to respond. From mounting medical bills and lost income to chronic pain, the consequences of a personal injury entitle you to receive financial compensation for your suffering. A personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complex legal system in order to fight for the compensation you deserve.

So how much can you expect to receive? There is no single answer, but by gathering all of the information related to your personal injury and using basic personal injury guidelines, you can calculate an estimate. Continue reading “What is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?”

3 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Unexpected tragedy can strike at any moment throughout your day. You could be involved in a car wreck, injured at work, or hurt when you fall down the stairs. In fact, the CDC reports that doctors offices receive more than 83 million visits for unexpected injuries every year, while emergency rooms receive nearly 50 million visits for the same reason.

If you are involved in an accident due to another person’s negligent actions, you shouldn’t have to cope with the financial implications yourself. This is why victims have the right to seek compensation for wrongful acts. Should you hire a personal injury attorney to pursue legal action after your accident? If any of the following indications apply to you, then the answer is yes! Continue reading “3 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney”